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Tiny Icon Generator for Dreamwidth!

The tiny icon generator will let you replace the default Dreamwidth tiny icons with your custom tiny icons. Click the button to go to the generator!

malionette's tiny icon generator for dreamwidth

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Please report any errors and ask for help here!
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Layout 026 : Bases.

This layout is now an official Dreamwidth style.

wicked awesome layout preview
Live Preview

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Hello everybody. (: I am [personal profile] sven and I run this community! I make CSS layouts and other web goodies. All the HTML, CSS, and PHP that I know is self-taught.

[community profile] fruitstyle is a private layout community for Dreamwidth (and by private, I mean I will be the only one posting layouts. My posts are public though)! Fruitstyle also exists on Livejournal.

I will not be porting all my Livejournal layouts to Dreamwidth. The layouts I post here are for Dreamwidth only! If you want to use Livejournal layouts on Dreamwidth, read this post!

See more Dreamwidth layouts at [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts! (:
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FAQ place holder

Can I modify your layouts and use it in my own journal/community? - Yes, just credit for the base codes.

Can I share your layouts? - No.

Ask for help if you have any... use this form: