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FAQ place holder

Can I modify your layouts and use it in my own journal/community? - Yes, just credit for the base codes.

Can I share your layouts? - No.

Ask for help if you have any... use this form:

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Hello everybody. (: I am [personal profile] sven and I run this community! I make CSS layouts and other web goodies. All the HTML, CSS, and PHP that I know is self-taught.

[community profile] fruitstyle is a private layout community for Dreamwidth (and by private, I mean I will be the only one posting layouts. My posts are public though)! Fruitstyle also exists on Livejournal.

I will not be porting all my Livejournal layouts to Dreamwidth. The layouts I post here are for Dreamwidth only! If you want to use Livejournal layouts on Dreamwidth, read this post!

See more Dreamwidth layouts at [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts! (: